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    Re: Water Bladder for tub drains

    Originally posted by fatcatdj View Post
    I've used a rubber bladder with success. However with old galvanized or cast iron pipes only. I think PVC will probably burst with all that pressure.

    Use a garden hose cut off switch on the end of the hose to turn on and off water to the bladder. Remember to gradually turn on the water until full blast.

    I've had good success with bath tub drains and bathroom sinks ONLY.

    Remove the trap lever plate and linkage and placing the bladder inside the overflow pipe while placing a towel inside the tub's drain works well. I suggest running the bladder for at least 15 minutes for a good clean.

    However thats a waste of water and a snake will be best for any clog. Using a snake through the overflow pipe will be faster but will not clear the pipe as thorough as a bladder in my opinion.
    Blow bags are dangerous, and if you dont know how to use them, could be costly. Snake the line, clear the clog, run water and snake the line with the water running...
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