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Snaking during a lighting storm??

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    Re: Snaking during a lighting storm??

    Please NO fights about this. It's always best to stay on the side of safety. Not working during storms is a wise move.


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      Re: Snaking during a lighting storm??

      Originally posted by Gene Bickford View Post
      Yeah and your mouth.
      The reason for this forum is to discuss and learn things, not just be a complete ***%$@*. I'm willing to bet your the guy that knows just about everything on the job site because you spend more time running your mouth then working.
      If you really don't know if you should run a cable in a storm, I feel it`s best that you find a deferent line of work. Some think cleaning a sewer is a no brainer but if you know what you are doing there`s allot more to it then most people think. I guess there are cleaners that are just cable stickers ? I feel you should have some plumbing knowledge and some brains to understand how a drain system works and some good thinking skills or you are just wasting your customers money. Asking about cleaning during a storm shows me a lack of knowledge and I would not feel good to have someone like that on one of my crews. Yes, the forum is for learning but you should have some smarts to know the simple stuff like lightning could kill you dead and you shouldn't go out in the rain with a cord in your hands!

      I was a little hard on you in my first post and I did say "Sorry" take it or not.
      After I posted it I got to thinking that I was a little to hard and acting like I had been Dog Bitten.

      And yes, I know allot but I don't know it all, I`m the owner but I do 90% of the work because I`m better at what I do then my helpers I even dig more then they do and that's a helpers job Stand around??? Nope not me I`m a hands on boss.

      If you would like a little schooling come to work with me here I have plenty of work waiting
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        Re: Snaking during a lighting storm??

        All Clear,
        Now that you have explained yourself further, I accept your apology. At the time of my reply I figured that your "sorry" was just a formality, as one would only have to hit the backspace key if they truly felt that their comments were unjust. Realizing now that my reply was a bit overboard as well, I too apologize.

        Now to explain my post further:
        I was not asking if it was safe to snake a main (while indoors) during a thunderstorm, hence the comparison to holding up a metal pole during such an event. Obviously I have at least half a brain as I did not do it.
        The reason for my post was to read the thoughts of others regarding this situation as for some reason this is the first time I have ever came across it.
        But the biggest reason is, that I am assuming it is an unsafe practice to snake a main during a thunderstorm and, I don't like to assume things, I like to know things for fact and, the fact is, I am basing this presumed safety hazard on what little I know about the characteristics of lightning. For now i will err on the side of caution.
        Some questions I have been looking for but have yet to find the answers (not ASSUMPTIONS) to.

        1. Has anyone ever been struck by lightning while snaking a main (while indoors)?

        2. Has a sewer system ever shown signs of being struck by lighting that did not first travel through the water system?

        3. how deep into the ground can lightning travel when it has no conduit? 1', 3', 600'?

        4. is the ground its self considered the conduit?

        5. What classes of soil will cause lightning to travel the furthest?

        OK enough with the questions. Its starting to look like I have a case of the O.C.D.
        But you see where I'm going with this? One would be wise to assume that snaking a main during a thunder storm (while indoors) is very unsafe but, is this backed up by fact?
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          Re: Snaking during a lighting storm??

          True stories,

          When my Daughter was about 15 or so she was out in the garden and a small cloud came over a there was a few dry lighting strikes, one struck about a 1/4 mile away, at the time she was leaning over and was getting ready to pick a flower and that flower shocked her and she said it was like getting shocked by an electric fence, she was fine but scared.

          second story, our local paper has a memory lane type page where they take stories from the past, and give the high lights, in this weeks issue
          one of the old stories that were high lighted was about a man being killed setting at his kitchen table eating when a bolt of lighting came in through the open window and hit him, his wife survived the bolt but was hurt.

          After what happened to my daughter I respect lighting much more than I did before that,


          If lighting hit a barbed wire fence and there are not any steel posts to ground the fence out, (only wood posts), it will blow up about 10 to 15 posts where it gets hit, I now put in a steel post about evey 50 to 100 yards and have not blow up any wood post in a long time do to lighting and have not lost any cows either for a long time, as many times they animals will push up againist the fences in a storm.
          Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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