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  • kj 1750 jetter

    can i feed my new jetter from my med pressure water system? it is less than 200 psi. jenerally 140 psi

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    Re: kj 1750 jetter

    The jetter does not need pressure from your water supply it needs volume. I think your jetter as a flow rarte of around 1.5 gpm so your volume would have to be greater than that.

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      Re: kj 1750 jetter

      see page 8 of the online manual. here it is

      although it doesn't state the inlet pressure. i know from my other brands of jetters, you don't want to go beyond 80psi. inlet. i would purchase a pressure regulator or make one up with a jumper hose and attach it to the water source. also a pressure gauge on the low pressure side of the regulator will allow you to monitor the both the pressure and volume. your unit only requires 1.4 gpm. usually if you double the max. (2.8) your pump will be protected from cavitation.

      as mark stated, the volume is important. and max. water temperature states 140 degrees. don't let your jetter run for more than a minute while the outlet hose is dead ended, as in a pressure washer spray gun turned off.

      this will cause the pump to heat up as the water can't circulate to keep it cool.

      most importantly on this 2 horsepower unit is ample power supply. stay away from long extension cords or undersized cords. you're better off with an extension water hose and keep the power close.

      have fun and wear proper hand and eye protection

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