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Retrieving 5/8" cable

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  • Retrieving 5/8" cable

    C-8, 62270, All-purpose wind. I have no luck with retriening Auger T-225, 55457.
    I've had better luck running the broken cable in reverse and screwing the broken cable back together.
    I took a 6" section of cable & worked it in a bench vice to form a funnel auger. (that makes it reverse wind of a funnel auger). I tried heating first but lost all strength, had to form it cold. I'll try it next time. I made it similar to a retriever for 1 1/4" cable. I'd think Ridgid has tried this or they wouldn't make the 5/8 retriever forward wind?
    Whats your secret?
    Best, Dennis........ Ridgid (Kollmann) machines since 1957.

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    Re: Retrieving 5/8" cable

    i've had the same experience too.

    i took a broken 7/8'' k-60 cable and used it as a retriever too. the wind is now reverse and when you run it in a forward direction the cable will not catch as it's hook is back wards. then when you need to, reverse the motor direction and it becomes a long corkscrew.

    when i need to i run a camera to locate the end on the cable and properly hook it. i've done this on my pipe bursting chain too

    you don't want to hook too far up a cable and get hung up in a wye or tee.

    phoebe it is