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Cleared a drain today

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  • Cleared a drain today

    Only reason is She's a good customer ,and friend. She just lost Her Brother,about 52, to cancer,He was a plumber in N.j.. Cleared all the house drains ,Than headed out doors. Snaked the lateral through the clean out and hit roots at the apple tree area. Didn't have rootex,and it was late.I know I need to wait [ is it 6 or 8 weeks ] to use, now that i,missed the 1 hr. time,frame?
    Also do You have a good scoure to buy? I have an account at cal steam[ now fergusons ] . They don't have it ,I believe. All this for $200 plus rootex price. I didn't get rich,but helped a friend.
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: Cleared a drain today

    Good job dude.

    We've all been there before........and definitely more to come.

    As they say......"Everyone needs a Plumber".



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      Re: Cleared a drain today

      camered 2 lines tonight for a buddy. all for a spagetti dinner

      but then again he does refer me to a few jobs a week

      plus we are going to work on the ridgid video

      not a bad trade

      phoebe it is