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Septic Tank Odors from Vent Pipe?

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  • Septic Tank Odors from Vent Pipe?

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this.

    I had a new septic tank and distribution box installed last spring. The leach lines were marginal for structual integrity but worked, told I may want to add additional runs in a few years. Also I live in sandy soil.

    My concern is that within the last couple of months as the weather has been getting colder I have on occasion noticed a sewage odor outside. Finally pinpointed the source when on the roof checking the gutters, the smell was coming from the vent pipe for the drain. Since we do alot of laundry, dishes (dishwasher and showers, my theory is that as all this hot water goes into the tank the steam and odors from tank rise and come out the pipe? I don't belive there is anything that could prevent this in the system.

    Does this sound right? Do they make any kind of one way vent for this sort of thing or is this a sign of a much bigger problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Signed, Shoveling Snow and Smelling S**t. ha, ha, ha. Sorry I couldn't resist,

    Regards, Doug
    Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.

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    How far is your tank inlet from the vent the septic odors are coming from??? I still wouldn't expect you to smell very noticable odors unless perhaps your tank was full? I dont know of a one way valve. It would just get clogged with TP more than likely if there was one. I hate to say to just live with it. Maybe your tank is full or your system is not leeching and you tank is backing up. That is all I can think of,



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      amadorjon, the vent stack is about 10 feet from the tank inlet. I think the field must be leeching otherwise with all the showers, laundry and dishwasher water I think it would have backed up by now. I could be wrong.

      As far as a one way valve, I was thinking something that might go on top of the vent at the roof.

      Thanks for the reply.
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        the pipe is suppose to vent,out side the system not in. a one way valve to keep the gases and odors in will not will start venting in your house,not good.but i have seen a deodorizer on the market that is attach to the pipe.if i run across it again i will get back with ya.good luck and have a marry christmas.


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          I have a septic with no vent and I dont have odors in my house! I also install septics very regularly and dont really ever run into this. We dont really put vents on our systems here. We put inspection wells in our leech field which is basically 4" styrene to look at the capacity of the field with a cap on top, maybe the air vents through there, but from our outlet on the house to the tank to the D Box to the leech field there are no real vents,



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            If you install a 90 with a 12" piece of pipe on the end of the inlet it will help to prevent odors as the septic tank will act as a trap.Also there is a device you can install on your stack to help prevent the oders.Or if you already have a tee on the end of the outlet inside your tank you may want to install a house trap about 2 feet from the house. This trap will have a fresh air inlet this trap will prevent odors from comeing back into the main stack..
            From an ex upstate New Yorker


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              Hey Pro/2004, Thanks for the info. I would rather avoid digging up the yard again if The device you mention might work. Does the device simply go on the end of the stack or does it get assembled somewhere else? Also do you know what they might call this device or a brand of one so that when I go looking others may know what I am talking about.

              Thanks again for the help.
              Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.


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                You know how your sink has a pipe that curves on it under the sink? The trap. Well make one of those somewhere between the houses outlet and the tanks inlet. but with 4" pipe. See ya, Jon

                [ 01-07-2004, 11:08 PM: Message edited by: amadorjon ]


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                  If you're still having grief with the odor, try elevating the termination point of the vent stack. I'm getting the impression the pipe is in a location that gets a lot of down drafts. If you do decide to add height, I would suggest you wrap the extension with some foam insulation to help prevent the pipe from freezing solid during the winter months.