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    I`ve been working in this all week. We lost power Monday and it may take up to 10 more days before we geet power. We have 8" of snow coming in today to top it all off.
    There are 11,000 people in Reno County without power. In a county that has only about 50,000 people that's a significant portion of the population. And that doesn't account for the rural electric, which estimates another 4,500 are without power. Hutchinson is the county seat of Reno County. Estimates are that 70,000 are without power across the state. Repeatedly I'm hearing that Hutchinson is one of the hardest hit areas - and it would seem that Reno County accounts for a large percentage of those without power.

    Of course, you can't help but see the beauty in it, too. It would be easier for me to see the beauty if my house were warm.....rotflmao
    oh wait, I have my back up power unit in the sewer trailer oh how nice it is to be the only house in the hood that has lights and heat

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    Re: Try this

    Love the second to the last picture. We had an ice over like that a few years back. Just a bunch of slush this year. We are supposed to get hit pretty hard sunday morning.



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      Re: Try this

      Pic number 4 looks almost ghostly.

      I get goosebumbs just looking at it

      I have it as my desktop backround....creepy
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        Re: Try this

        i don't miss ice, snow, or cold weather. at 73f i put a sweat shirt on. i've even been known to wear socks 1 or 2 nights a year. i'll take my weather chances from 6/01 to 11/30.

        In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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          Re: Try this

          And Now the Snow is HERE ...errrrrrrrrr

          Makes finding Clean-Out`s a fun thing to do .....ROTFLMAO

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            Re: Try this

            Last summer (06) we had a huge storm that ran through St. Louis, half-a-million homes with out power, then that winter we had an ice storm that knocked out 250,000. Our electric guy's didn't earn enough that year. the longest streach I heard from one of my customers was it took three and a half weeks to get power back on.



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              Re: Try this

              great pix, used to plow snow every winter back East. Now we snowmobile in the Sierras.
              My back up for a Quake is our 33 ft motor home. Heat ,food,Water ,Gen ,GUNS
              I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .