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  • Dry Ice Blasting.....

    Hi everyone. I am an engineering student. I read something called dry ice blasting and hazardous waste disposal while browsing net. Well I don’t know why, but I am curious to know about it. I know about traditional labor intensive methods like scrapers, wire brushes, sand blasting and pressure washing. I know dry ice is basically solid form of CO2, but I have no clue about this dry ice blasting and industrial cleaning .
    Can somebody throw some light on this or at least suggest some site where I can find some info on this.


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    Re: Dry Ice Blasting.....

    all i can think of is there is no cleaning media to clean up afterward.

    sort of like magic. it just disappears into the air.

    interesting idea.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Dry Ice Blasting.....

      Try some searches for NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers and coatings removal in the aviation industry, etc. Dry Ice as well as Sodium Bicarbonate have been used for years to remove paint from aluminum aircraft skins. Both have been subject to scrutiny over the resulting byproducts (both have some tendency to combine with contaminants on the skin surface which at times can result in a corrosive solution getting trapped in the faying surfaces where the metal is fastened, Both are also results of trying to get a more environmentally friendly process.
      Bottom line, like all processes, there are pros and cons. Regardless of the blast media, you still have to deal with the stuff you blasted off the surface.

      Good luck in your search.

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        Re: Dry Ice Blasting.....


        Dry ice blasting is a wonderful technology. It is basically shooting dry ice at surfaces using compressed air. The dry ice itself is very small... so it sublimated directly on impact. This leaves no secondary waste (as you had mentioned). This is huge for companies... as they have less contaminated waste to clean up. There is a good article on why dry ice blasting is on this dry ice blasting website. The main downside to dry ice blasting is the cost. Dry ice blasting is expensive... think about $1/lb of dry ice... against $0.001/lb of water. But dry ice is better, so it is a trade off.


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          Re: Dry Ice Blasting.....

          It sure feels John and Tucker are the same person. Both one post wonders, one setting up the question so the other can post a link. How original.
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            Re: Dry Ice Blasting.....

            Hes got his degree now
            And needs to drum up business


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              Re: Dry Ice Blasting.....

              lol... absolutely not the same person.


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                Re: Dry Ice Blasting.....

                I have been on a few sites where both my son and I both use to post. We were accused of being the same person as we talked a lot a like. Short story I lost my cool and told the guy maybe he should spend more time with his kids and see if they didn't start sharing some of the same talking. Well he turned me into the administer as making a personal attack on him and my son and I both got kicked off. So no I don't think there the same person someone would really have to have a low self a steam to try to make themselves look smart and if they do they should be pitted