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Cable Repairs 101

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  • Cable Repairs 101

    Someone ask a while back about how to repair cables. Here ya go

    I just did one today

    First off you need to look for flat spots as this is where your cable will brake. The flat spots will be shiner then the rest of the cable so it`s easy to find em and cut em out.

    It should have looked like this

    I use a chop saw to cut my cable

    Then you install the splicer

    Screw the two ends together

    Then I like to put a tack weld on my repairs.

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    Re: Cable Repairs 101

    Nice tutorial AllClear


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      Re: Cable Repairs 101

      I've cut cable with a oxy cutter and noticed it changed the temper of the metal. 2ft from the cut end became very stiff and brittle. How do you prevent this from happening when tackwelding? What are your thoughts on the loctite adhesive used instead of welding?
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        Re: Cable Repairs 101

        That's why I use a cut off saw and only tack weld with a mig. The mig doesn't transfer heat like your torch.

        I wont use loctite or any other adhesive as I want to know that when I put the machine in reverse it wont unscrew the repair.


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          Re: Cable Repairs 101

          i've always used a chop saw or grinder to cut the ends off my cables. typically i wear out the quick change 1/2 turn coupling. i've actually stopped welding the connector on as it has never come off even in reverse. not even loctite.

          as far as shiny/ flat spots. that comes from bent tweaked cable. it's going to happen, but if it's bad i toss it out. personally i don't like any splices. except a new connector on the end.

          i guess with the 7500 down, it's maintenance day

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Cable Repairs 101

            Rick, Rick, Rick, what am I gonna do with you, you silly boy.... rotflmao

            The K-7500 was only down for about an hour or so. It was back to work and working great as I just came in from doing a 300` run on a trailer park 4" main line tonight

            I did 8 jobs today with the shortest one being 110`