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50' 1/4" Open Hook Cables

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  • 50' 1/4" Open Hook Cables

    At my supply house today I had somebody try to sway me to buy a general cable and I had some issues with it.

    It was close rolled, the bag wasn't even a foot wide. The cable looked more like 5/16" instead of 1/4".

    He wouldn't let me take it out of the bag but I could tell that the cable was just way too flimsy from the way I could easily move the cable between the wire straps holding it in a circle.

    They wanted $88 dollars for that roll and told them no way. Told them to order me a Spartan cable and I'll wait for it to come in....a week.

    I don't know if anyone else will agree with me but I can honestly see a difference in the cables I used years ago to the ones that come brand new, any brand name.

    I prefer those cables to be as ridgid and as firm as possible no matter what sized cable; it's the leader that needs to be pliable to make the turns/drops wherever it needs to go.

    I've been drain cleaning for awhile, just not as hot and heavy as some of you guys do but those machines are used from the smallest to biggest every week.

    I'll follow up on this thread in regards to how ridgid my Spartan cable is; last time I bought from them I noticed how flimsy they got from years ago to today.

    It's apparent it's done for good reason; the flimsier it is, the more likely and possible for it to kink given a multitude of situations.
    Hard and stiff, not just for women.
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    Re: 50' 1/4" Open Hook Cables

    Why not just buy direct from Spartan? I've done it. I would be very interested to see if they ever came up with a sectional machine. I prefer Ridgid 5/16 IC cable for an equivilant for what your cable.
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      Re: 50' 1/4" Open Hook Cables

      Never tried Ridgid cables before but if I use 5/16" in my 81 I can't get 50' inside the drum.

      I've bought direct from Spartan but the rep is so hard to get a hold of, that and I get better pricing if I spend through the supply house I frequent.

      What's odd is I get the cables cheaper NOT buying direct, go figure.

      There's no way I could of pushed that 5/16" cable really hard into the drain without it bowing out at the drain opening. Been like shooting pool with a rope.
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        Re: 50' 1/4" Open Hook Cables

        5/16'' cable is actually not as stiff as 1/4''. they are both the same wire gage and the 1/4'' is a tighter wind to get it to 1/4'' thus making it stiffer tha the 5/16''.

        ben and i both love or ridgid 5/16'' inner core cable. it's got just the right flex and works very good in the k-39pf.

        isn't 50' a little long for a 1/4'' or 5/16'' cable?

        phoebe it is


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          Re: 50' 1/4" Open Hook Cables

          It is, and I hate to use that small of a cable on a drain but I couldn't tell you how many times I've run into kitchen sink drains where the line was extended beyond a normal distance for a remodel.


          A kitchen sink drain with a 20' run, goes down, somewhere and I can't get to it because I can't see, there's a 2" drain *cast iron* trailing under a floor to branch wye. The clog sometimes being right at that last 10-15' but I've only got one access point that clearly chases the clogged line, the other fixtures flowing without error.

          I run mostly 35' but I want that 50' on the truck oiled down as a backup.

          Sometimes I'm into a larger pipe and can't even tell because I'm not given access to open walls or hit it from another opening.

          It's people and their finished basements telling me I've got one point to get it open from, no other.

          Or better yet, they take me 20' away from where I'm working, show me a cutout in the wall where there outside hose faucet broke years ago and they ask me if I can go through there. WTFF????

          I wish I could enforce it but I would make all drains at their base accessible to cleanouts in any remodel situation, including floor drains put out of use including stack cleanouts.

          My life would go a lot smoother having this implemented but everyone dodges the bullet on getting remodels inspected to bypass property tax increases.
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            Re: 50' 1/4" Open Hook Cables

            what's wrong with pumping out the water from the sink and removing the trap?
            i too love a c/o for a kitchen sink, but sometimes they are under the house and not readily acessable.

            is a 1 story roof vent practicle?

            kitchens are probably the worst fixture to clean, especially without a c/o.

            problem with a small cable and no cutter, is you're only punching a hole in the gunk. not really cleaning anything.

            the 5/8'' sectional has a larger bore, cutter head, and the open wind acts like a corkscrew and will do a better job augering the line clean.

            of couse a jetter is the best on a kitchen, but without outside access, it can be the messiest.

            phoebe it is