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    Did a job on a house used for short term rentals a few weeks back... crazy and I thought you might enjoy the story....

    So I get in and no-one's there...the guests are out for the day. Its a main line, but odd. nothing on the bottom level is draining. I'm told the upstairs comes up out of a floor drain in the downstairs, and its looks like that's been happening, but sinks, toilets, tubs, everything downstairs is holding water even though well above the floor dain. I post hole through hip deep snow to the back side of the house just cause I want a cleanout so badly I have to look and Yay! there is one! under a deck! I pop it and its dry... hmm. I'ts been very cold so I'm thinking frozen, but the c/o is so close to the house I can't believe it's frozen above the c/o. And those sinks holding water are bothering me.

    I flounder for a while, finally decide to jet a sink. I pick the bath with the double vanity as I figure I might get two for one that way, and I can peek around a corner and keep an eye on the floor drain from there to make sure I don't flood the place. Yep, I'm cutting ice about 10' in. About 15' the sink line drains; cool! But nothing else does...? Not even the second sink in this bathroom?

    Long story short I had to jet 7 separate fixtures, 3 sinks, two toilets, a tub and a shower. Every stinking one frozen individually. All I can think is the main line froze, something dripping filled the system, then everything in the crawlspace froze.
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.