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7500: 4 25' sections of cable vs. 100'

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  • 7500: 4 25' sections of cable vs. 100'

    I had considered buying 25' sections of IC cable for the 7500, instead of a single 100' section, on account of how I could just replace one section if it kinked. Rick, you had recommended against doing this because the couplings wouldn't flex like the cable itself--something like that.

    I would love your further input: I suspect it is a bit more vulnerable than a 100' single section, but how would it would it be worse than the 15' sections on, say, a K60? Or the coupling at the leader or at the tool?

    I don't mind being entirely wrong--but just thought I'd see what you or others thought.


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    Re: 7500: 4 25' sections of cable vs. 100'

    Agree, for same reason, get a continuous 100'. Cut and splice as needed if you kink it.
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      Re: 7500: 4 25' sections of cable vs. 100'

      the couplings are not as pliable as a continous cable.

      a 25' extension cable is one thing. 4- 25' sections i don't recommend. this is why i have to replace the ends as they do get loose and wear.

      as for kinking. i typically don't destroy my cables. i wear them out. a kink comes from not knowing your cables or limits of your machine.

      in all the years of cleaning. i have only replaced ends. never needed to splice a cable together.

      in the drum of the machine you'll find that the couplings will not flex as well. especially the last 25' to go in.

      as far as the sections of sectional. it's not a problem as there is no drum i'm storing them in.

      phoebe it is