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Engine manufacturer for jetters

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  • Engine manufacturer for jetters

    Who makes the engines for the jetters?

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    Re: Engine manufacturer for jetters

    It really varies by the jet manufactuer. Most of them will custom build a jetter and include the engine of your choice.

    With that said, it seems that most companies are using Honda engines on smaller cart jets and trailers. On the larger trailer jets you will find several different types of diesel engines.


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      Re: Engine manufacturer for jetters

      Any idea about Ridgid's 5.5 and 13?


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        Re: Engine manufacturer for jetters

        Honda GX series - These are the commercial duty line not to be confused with the GC home owner line which are junk beside the commercial line.


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          Re: Engine manufacturer for jetters

          the shape and the colors of the motors appear to be Honda's

          normally the Honda copies are a different color scheme

          try giving them a call and ask,

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          on the pressure washers it appears they use both Honda and Subaru Robin Engines

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