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So...I'm committing to a new buisness

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    Re: So...I'm committing to a new buisness

    mains her are going for $89.99 and up during the day, and night and weekends start at $250.00 and hour across the board for anything.
    these are not my prices but one of my biggest competitors.
    most of my calls start at $55.00 for a 1/2 hour and go up.
    I still retain a full time job and do service calls as well. I average around 65-80 hours a week between both
    40-50 form the day job and 15-40 doing service calls.
    As for the license her in Wisconsin. You do not need one but, if you so much as remove a trap or a toilet you can be in deep dodo.
    I have had a few conversation with one of the states plumbing inspectors for Wisconsin. he had told me as long as you do not break a trap, toilet or install something that is not code, they wouldn't really pres the issue. as for installing anything the only thing that is expectable but not allowed is installing a clean out on smaller internal runs. like a 1 1/2" or a 2" for a sink line or what not.
    one more thing is to be insured for what you are doing. I also have a master plumber that I can and have called in on job that require more precise work and a license.
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