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Why isn't this mentioned, daily in drain cleaning discussions

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    Re: Why isn't this mentioned, daily in drain cleaning discussions

    Originally posted by JERRYMAC View Post
    I worked off the ideal that each side of the sink holds appox. 5 gals. of water x 2 equals 10 gals. x 8.5 lbs. per gallon = 85 lbs. on the drain stopadge plus or minus the distance down the drain to the blockadge

    it's 8.3 pounds per gallon. but the issue is pressure exerted on the stoppage. not what the weight of the water is.

    every foot of head is approx. 1/2# (.43#)
    the more head, the more clog busting pressure. a 10' head is the same pressure at the base of the stack weather it's a 1/2'' pipe or 6'' pipe.

    now weight of the water on the hangers is a different story. total weight of 10 gallons would be 83# plus the pipe weight.

    i know from experience that a stoppage at the base of a hill is going to be a miserable stoppage. any stoppage that can hold back a 30'-50' elevation change/ head, is not a simple job. for this i break out the jetter and let it work on the roots. this way i don't have to fight a downhill stoppage with a heavy cable and gravity.

    phoebe it is