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Reports on the Warthog wt 3/8

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  • Reports on the Warthog wt 3/8

    I would like a first hand report on the warthog wt 3/8 jetter head. I would be buying it to run on 3/8 line 200ft. On a 3000psi 5 gallon a minute machine. I don't want to buy it if it needs to be run on a higher GPM machine. My rep in Seattle said it works great on my size of machine for cutting roots. If I need a trailer jetter with 10 gallons a minute then I will just have to buy one. I am not expecting my 5 GPM machine to be as fast as a 10 GPM but I would like it to be effective though slow on roots.
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    Re: Reports on the Warthog wt 3/8

    it fits in the pressure and volume curve.

    here is the link

    drain medic/ greg has this nozzle and should be able to confirm it's ability.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Reports on the Warthog wt 3/8

      Obviously the more GPM the better the nozzle is going to spin and cut roots. On a 3/8 hose at 14 GPM 3000psi, it cuts roots in minutes, if not seconds.

      I have a portable gas jetter with a 1/4 hose that i would use an adaptor on the warthog. That jetter is 6gpm, 4000psi, and it just didnt have the umph for me that i like. Took longer to cut, if you got into a heavy root clog, instead of the head turning, it would just sit there. Make sure you oil that nozzle as recommended. Its a great tool, but i would consider using that nozzle on a trailer jetter.
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