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Crimping tool for jetter lines

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  • Crimping tool for jetter lines

    What do you prefer? Hydralic or manual? Any great brands? Any to stay away from? Not worth the price and just get a hose shop to crimp them?
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    Re: Crimping tool for jetter lines

    ben, with all the hoses, i have from stainless steel to thermo plastic, i've only blown a few. personally i doubt you'll ever need to have your own crimper. plus you need dies for all the sizes and brands.

    there is a cheaper way to go with a press and set of dies. but still unless you have it on the job site, you might as well go to the hose shop.

    so far, i've never needed one

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      Re: Crimping tool for jetter lines

      I have a hydralic crimper, a hand pump one kind of like a porta-power. I have two dies, one for my jetter hose, one for garden hose ends. It serves my purposes nicely. I got it free from parker for spending enough on one order of hose and fittings. It is 100mi down to Denver to a decent hose shop for me. The local auto parts place said they could crimp my hose; I lost a 3/8 warthog when their crimp blew off. I find my jetter hose wears mostly in the first 40' or so. Less than 200'-250' is useless to me, so I buy 400' and cut off the worn end and recrimp when needed instead of buying 250' of hose every time I wear out the first 40'.
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        Re: Crimping tool for jetter lines

        For my small hose jetter 4000psi @ 6.7gallons , 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" I use the synflex manual crimper but for 3000psi @ 14 gallons with 3/8" and 1/2" hoses I`ll be getting a hydraulic assembly bolted to my truck.
        The down time cost with onboard tooling vs packup driving to the hose shop, makes sense to have it onboard just in case.