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  • generator....what do you use?

    I will be picking up a new generator on Monday. I am thinking of the following:


    What do you guys use on the job? I want to run a small flood light and be able to power my Spartan 1065. (5amp) I have done the math on the volts vs. amps and it should be fine.

    Let me know what you think.
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    Re: generator....what do you use?

    I'm either going to be buying a bunch of these for my fans and high pressure pumps or I'm going to take my chances with Harbor Freight.

    Personally, knowing the reputation of Honda and how quiet that unit is *56 decibels*....a quick modification to have a larger fuel tank capacity and I'm off to the races.

    I need 20 of the above, I need deep discount compadre~!
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      Re: generator....what do you use?

      Have one just like that... rarely need it, utterly trouble free when I do, very quiet.
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        Re: generator....what do you use?

        Well I will say this everytime I have bought a 2000 watt gen set it is always too small and you kick yourself for not buying bigger. A light draws the amps it says it does i.e. 1000 watt is a 1000 watt. But so many tools draw double their stated watts to start up. Like when you see a 15 amp saw dim the lights in a house. A lot of tools that say 15 amp really need to have 30 for starting or you wear the armature and field out. So 30 amp x 120 = 3600 watt. But size then becomes an issue also. A 3000 watt gen set is the smallest I recommend for general use. I keep a 3500 watt around for most jobs and Have a Honda 5000 watt as my backup for running big stuff like my Jackhammer.
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          Re: generator....what do you use?

          I agree about having a little more generator than you need,especially since
          some electric motors use more when they start up.I have a 10kwatt 42 amp
          kohler generator with a watercooled engine mounted in my UD box truck. I Paid $800 .It was in a 6 month old telephone company truck that was totalled,but it did not get damaged.I built an exhaust with a car muffler that runs under the truck,and it works fine.I also have a Generac 5500 watt portable as a back up.I agree about the Honda Generators,They are very quiet,and reliable,but I would go bigger.I had a Honda 5500 watt that was quiet and super reliable,until I made the mistake of giving it to my brother in law.


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            Re: generator....what do you use?

            Trojan drain cleaning offers a conversion kit for the 1065 to make it run off a battery.
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              Re: generator....what do you use?

              Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
              Trojan drain cleaning offers a conversion kit for the 1065 to make it run off a battery.
              I have a small Honda

              and run my 1/2 " hole shooter off it, it won't power up any of my main line drum machines, or my 3/4" super hole shooter which draws 15 amps. I go bigger.
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                Re: generator....what do you use?


                Please note that is an inverter model. Starting motors takes far more current than running one under load. To be on the safe side please take everything you want to run on the generator to a Honda power equipment dealer and actually try to run it off the generator. I really think for contractor type needs that while they make more noise, a regular true engine-generator will serve you better and especially with motor starting. Honda has many good models.

                Hint: If you plan to buy a generator online, be sure to stay name brand. Before you buy, try going to a big tool rental yard, don't tell them much about what you want to run other than say (Oh just some flood lights) and see how close one of their models comes to what you have in mind. Then see if you can rent it for 1/2 day. Try it out hard at home and be sure it will really start up and run everything you need to use. If not, then you know you must go larger.

                This is a popular simple Honda that I do see contractors use on the job as long as they only need to run one serious power tool and maybe a few lights. It's not so quiet but it won't blast your ears off. It is a tried and proven model.

                Honda EG2500
                Engine: 5.5 HP, Single Cylinder, Overhead Valve, Air Cooled Displacement: 163 cc
                AC Output: 120V 2500W max.(20.8A) 2300W rated (19.2A)
                Receptacles: (1) 20A 125V Duplex - NEMA Plug Number: 5-15P or 5-20P
                DC Output: 12V, 100 Watt (8.3 Amps)
                Starting System: Recoil Fuel Tank Capacity 1.0 gallons
                Run Time on One Tankful : 2.9 hrs. @ rated load, 4.2 hrs. @ 1/2 load
                Dimensions (L x W x H) 19.9" x 16.1" x 16.3"
                Noise Level: 70 dB @ rated load
                Dry Weight: 87 lbs.
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                  Re: generator....what do you use?

                  Part 2

                  The larger and higher capacity a generator you can buy, the more you can run off it. Later on you may be very glad you went for more generator than you thought you would need. This is especially true if you ever have a long term power failure and end up running several extension cords through a window into your house so you can keep a few things running.

                  If you can leave it in the back of your truck with the rear doors open, then you may as well go for a good size model. If you have to be able to carry it then weight does come into play. In that case you may want to checkout the Yamaha YG2800i a new inverter model made for light contractor use.

                  Whatever brand and model you do choose, price shop around. I've found with Honda that there's a huge price difference buying from one of the local rental yards that's also an ACE hardware store over going to a Motorcycle dealer that happens to sell a few Honda generators. I'm talking over a 30% difference in price so do price shop.
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                    Re: generator....what do you use?

                    my portable generator is a 3700 watt generator been using it for about 30 years and re powered it a few years ago, it has a switch for either 120 or 240 usage, in other words you can get the entire amps on 120 if needed, can even run a 130 amp wire feed welder on it, my portable air compressor, and many many other tools on it,

                    I would strongly suggest a minimum 3000 watt or larger unless your just going to use it for one purpose, and it is strictly dedicated, to that use.

                    It will run my table saw but it has a hard time starting it, and will run my well pump if needed, both on 240
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                      Re: generator....what do you use?

                      I have a Colman powermate 6250 I bought from HomDepot a few years back. I run everything that I own off it even my house this winter after a big Ice Storm. Starts on the first pull and you dont even have to pull verry hard.


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                        Re: generator....what do you use?

                        Please someone tell me I didn't make a huge mistake buying these generators.

                        I was sold on the 13,500 watt starting power number. Sometimes these fans will be staged in a way where the fans are all turned on independently, then the misting pumps. Since I did a conversion from 220 to 110 these pumps are going to be running with more amps in the I have to keep the top number in the equation so I'm not going nuts with this.

                        I also need to make a modification to this exhaust on this generator to a car muffler without damaging the motor to make it as quiet as possible.
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