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  • Wildlife encounters

    Hi everyone
    I've seen the more common things like frogs,rats,small fish and even an otter at the end of a large storm culvert,whilst doing camera work.
    This last Easter week-end I was out jetting a silted-up 4" inlet pipe,accross a garden when a 4' long eel landed,thrashing between my boots.I started a second round after tanks filled and 2mins. in, another eel the same size as the first.
    You guys in the U.S. must also come accross the occasional weird creature
    Cheers Gary

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    Re: Wildlife encounters

    Good thread kernow... Would be cool if everyone that has em could post pictures. Gotta be some cool pics out there.



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      Re: Wildlife encounters

      i dont have a pic of it, but about 6yrs i ago, i was jetting a 6in storm drain on a huge seed farm out here. When i started to bring the hose back, it was really tough. Finally about 15ft from the openning i could here the jetter sounded muffled in the pipe. So i increased the pressure, brought it back another 10ft. and a ground hog blew out of the line and about 10ft past me. Scared the crap out of me
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        Re: Wildlife encounters

        Where they Electric Eels, anything that I ever pulled out of a drain was dead, pulled a dead skunk out of a roof drain in a Federal Post Office and boy did it reek.
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          Re: Wildlife encounters

          I jetted a few frogs out of a city line a few months back.

          Now the other day I was on my way back to town and had a bob-cat run out in front of me while I was talking on the phone with my
          I said $#%$#@%$#@%$# and droped the phone. He asked me WTF happened did I crash or something. I replyed that a big cat ran out in front of the truck and I had never seen a cat that big around town....rotflmao
          It was really cool to see one in the wild like that but they need to learn to wait till the truck passes before crossing the road.


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            Re: Wildlife encounters

            Somewhat related...

            I had a service call to investigate a sewer smell in a hall bath. The village had been out and told the lady to call a plumber to pull the toilet and use a new ring. Upon arriving (and smelling) I informed her it was not sewer gas she was smelling. She began telling me it was. I pulled the cleanout in the basement and said "smell." She says "you are right, not sewer gas." Turns out the smell was coming from the fart-fan, a nest of baby birds died in the duct. I got a ladder, and cleaned it out...Super Service!