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She's a beauty!!!

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    Re: She's a beauty!!!

    Originally posted by jrsaltz View Post

    Don't really know the internet lingo ..... only lol .... But many as have many of the fine people have..... suggested is the biggest root pulled and or jetted club... I love the idea...

    Should we go for girth or length. any suggestions ????????

    I think that Ridgid should offer a new service vehicle for this .... so when I win.... I can replace my 1997 E 250 van w/ 289,000 miles on it that I
    name ....." what now" ..... But no cheating ....... now where did I put that box a Scott's miracle grow.
    But he didnt pull it with the jetter, just set it free...kinda like free willy ....rotflmao


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      Re: She's a beauty!!!

      jrsaltz-Good work,Good plc./Not only FIRST RESPONSE,but could very well be-THE ONLY PROPER RESPONSE-for that customer.Congrats. Kenneth
      Kenneth Collier
      Maintenance and Sewer

      P.O. Box 9441
      Jackson, MS 39206
      (601) 613-2678 (Cell)


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        Re: She's a beauty!!!

        that sure is a long one.. The most Ive gotten with my cable is 2 5 gal buckets