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Has anyone had someone try to pull a fast one on them ?????

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    Re: Has anyone had someone try to pull a fast one on them ?????

    The company I work with in my spare time submitted invoices for change orders totaling $16,000 in work I did only to have the scumbag general return frivolous,inflated back charges totaling the same amount.

    Glad I get to see what I have to look forward to when I get to his level.



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      Re: Has anyone had someone try to pull a fast one on them ?????

      Lots of scam artist out there. Everyone has it happen to them, but the stories are fun to tell.

      ! rodded a main line for a repeat customer in August 07. Clogged back toward the house, no big deal.

      While I was in the house I noticed her floor in her hallway outside of her half bath was weak and shaky. I asked her about it and she said that they "had a leak, but it has been fixed..." I told her that she needs to get the floor fixed before anybody falls through it.

      When I got back to the shop I checked our records and found no evidence that we have worked on any leaks in the area.

      SO, In January she calls and says that I "broke her sewerline when I was rodding it out and caused her hall floor to rot and collapse". I remember the original visit and our conversation about the floor and took my video camera over to record evidence.

      When I arrived the flooring was removed and you can see duct tape around a three inch wye fitting. Upon unwrapping we found a hole right in the center of the branch.

      There are impact marks on the fitting showing that it was hit from the OUTSIDE of the pipe, not the inside. There is NO moisture or sewage anyplace under the house or on any structural members.

      I recorded that the floor was wet and is damaged but the floor is now completely dry and has been for some time. I traced the rot back to the air conditioner that is in a closet near the damage flooring.

      Water runs down hill and evidently this is the source of the damage.

      I told them that the rot is not caused by me, but the air conditioner and waited for a response. There was no further reply about my supposed fault. They thought I was just going to file it on my insurance and let it go.

      I carry a FLIP It camera in the truck at all times. it is great for making records of things under the house so that you can show your customer.

      I think they sell for $150 buck now they were $200. when I bought mine.


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        Re: Has anyone had someone try to pull a fast one on them ?????

        Call the police on them to let their neighbors know that they are a sorry son of a you know what. Get the service number and use that to take them to court. you can sue for the service,court costs,lost wages(for your time)....i have even had to police explain to these dead-beats that i CAN sue them for this and i WILL win...alot of time once they here the OFFICER explain this to them they go ahead and pay!!!!..but make sure that your licenses and insurance are up to date because most will try and report you to the State but if all of your credentials are up to par you dont have to worry about any of that....the state plumbing board actually advises you to call the poilce on these type of dead-beats so they will stop doing this because believe me you are not their first and will not be their last.



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          Re: Has anyone had someone try to pull a fast one on them ?????

          Tried..... but if you keep your eyes focused and pencil sharp you'll catch it.
          Never give up on your dreams..

          dreams are what make us forge ahead.