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49.99 drain cleaning?

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    Re: 49.99 drain cleaning?

    Run an add alluding to that low price to get in the door to "case the house".

    That would be some critical marketing that would have people rethinking "who" is in your home so cheap...and why.
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      Re: 49.99 drain cleaning?

      Did you check out there logo with the inline trap with the two clean outs on each side ? if they also have a company that puts it in with a deep trap all they would have to do is use a wet vac. to clean it out. One co. here has one charge if they can open it with just the cable, if they have to hook there machine too it the price go's way up. We started out charging $ 12.50 but went up to $ 18.00 the next year when we almost went bankrupt. I used to see a sign that was posted at the parts store as a kid it was a cartoon of a man complaining about the price, he told the guy at the check out I used to buy it a lot cheaper at the other place before they went bankrupt !! I always remember that cartoon when I have to send a big bill but I know if I don't charge enough I cant buy the equipment I need to do the job right. I don't have hidden fee's one guy starts on a 4" main with a 39 and a 3/8" cable he always brings the backhoe along. Everyone is going to make money it's just a mater of how. They will sell up, run a small cutter and have to do the line every six months, or do what I do charge what I have to so it will stay open as long as possible after one or two times customers find out there is no one cheaper or the company will go out of business and you don't have to worry about them anymore. Yes times are tough we all need the work but don't worry about what the others are charging, you have to charge what you have to charge


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        Re: 49.99 drain cleaning?

        Make no mistake, this thread isn't about price; we could all go round and round just like the debates about what the "right" equipment is. That price is so ridiculous, we all know it's not a real price, so it becomes, "What's the real angle??" 90% of the time it's bait and switch, or some guy who figures he'll be so busy with that price, he's going for volume. He's like H D**ot, or W**mart. Low margins, but lotsa volume! I handle the heat in the summer here well, but I've had customers come outside of the airconditioning when I'm covered in sweat(soaked), dirt, and various fluids when cabling a main outside. When the see me working the cable for an hour, fishing out tons of "flushable" adult or baby wipes and getting them off my cable, they say, "Wow! I had no idea it was this much work!!" At that point, I explain that the equipment isn't cheap to buy or maintain. I've said to a few of them that drain cleaning can be very profitable, but it's rarely "easy" money. Most are happy to pay a fair amount for your service at that time. What's "fair"?? Many variables, but rarely $49.99...