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    Re: Time?

    Originally posted by Drain Medic View Post
    Besides arent you new to drain cleaning lol
    Yep , thus why I asked

    It really doesn't take me long to load and unload as the trailer is really easy to work with.((except for stepping over stuff on Fridays))

    The more room you have the bigger mess you can make out of it


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      Re: Time?

      Ya the trailer is nice. Just open the door and go to town. Easier then taking machines out of a van. I hope to one day have a couple box trucks with a ramp.
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        Re: Time?

        Originally posted by Ace Sewer View Post
        yes exactly... you get a big garbage can and try to catch it? loosen it and let it trickle and grow old catching it with wet vac? let fly and mop up after? I hate when I have to spill... would like input on how ya'll handle it.
        I do it like you do. Really adds to the time on the job. Some times I can talk people into an outside cleanout. most times they have a huge cement deck over the pipe Low cleanouts seving the underground are know problem because all the sewage has come up the floor drain already.
        I had an outside clean out Saturday what a treat!!!! we don't have many.
        I would say 2 hour average. maybe