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I hate double 90 ells.

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  • I hate double 90 ells.

    So we got a service call today from a customer with their upstairs bathrooms not draining/gurgling, the basement was doing fine.

    So we went in and looked around for awhile and decided to pull a toilet and snake from there. The boss left and let me at it for awhile with a small machine (K-50). I snaked for awhile and ran out of line. So I got out the old 1500 and went at it some more. I got in about 25 feet and hung up. I went at it for awhile and could not get past the hang up.

    So I got the bossman over to the house and we went at it for a while more. We changed heads a few times and even tried going in with nothing. We decided that either the plumber who roughed in the house put a fitting in backwards or used a vent ell or something stupid that we could not get passed.
    We tried to listen in walls and figure out where the snake was going. We couldnt figure out what was happening. By this time, it was about 11 and after three hours of spinning our tires, we were out of ideas. We tried looking around more to see how things were tied together to see what was messed up in the roughin. We got to the last room and I told my boss to quiet down for a second. We heard a drip coming down onto the floor. So we cut a hole in the ceiling and water came out of the joist space as soon as i got the keyhole saw in there.
    As soon as I poked my head in the the hole I saw our snake in a hole in the side of a 2" pipe coming out of a 3x2 wye with a bushing in it. We were up against a 2" p trap for a shower.

    Now was the task of finding out how the heck we got there. By now, it was lunch time so we took a break.

    As soon as we got back, we decided to fix the broken fitting and try snaking from the 3" vent on the roof. Nothing. We ended up where we were before in the 3x2 wye.

    So by this time, we were out of ideas and we are a small shop so a camera was out of the question. We were both about to have mental breakdowns because we had two other jobs to get done by the end of the day. Ugh.

    So I got pissed off enough to get on top of the water heater and jam myself in the joist space and investigate. So I looked and looked and jammed myself above some duct work and found A DOUBLE 90 ELBOW buried in the ceiling about nine feet from the opening in the mechanical room.

    Apparently our snake just shot across the double ell and across the house to another bathroom.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid retard who plumbed the house. The double 90 was a 3" fitting sitting on the 3" stack to the basement which was obviously where the clog was.

    I'm still pretty angry right now.

    We eventually snaked up the stack from the basement and got the water flowing again.

    What a day.

    Oh yeah, of course the line was full of water when the 2" line broke. Thank God for insurance.

    Getting the 1500 on the roof sucked too.

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    Re: I hate double 90 ells.

    Would've went right through the double 90's with a k60. Much lighter too.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: I hate double 90 ells.

      Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
      Would've went right through the double 90's with a k60. Much lighter too.
      ben, you're getting as bad as me now

      1.25'' in a 3'' is an overkill and 5/8'' is sometimes too small.

      7/8'' is the call

      ben, i need you at the roundup

      phoebe it is


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        Re: I hate double 90 ells.

        My Spartan 300 would've made the drop easily. No mess either.


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          Re: I hate double 90 ells.

          Back to backs can be a pain... but they are common, at least here, and I've learned to be careful regarding coming up on something hard at what would be the right distance to have missed the drop. I've seen a cable stuck out of the side of the toilet in the other bath more than once before, and though I hate to admit it, have done it myself once.

          I thought from your title you would be talking about 2 90's in quick succession, something I hate as they can be tough to jet or camera around.
          This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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            Re: I hate double 90 ells.

            Wrongler,I have used Straight augers bent at a 45 angle or a 5/8" cable with a bad connector button bent the same way to negotiate this type of connection. I always try to map the distances between fixtures and the stack in my head before starting,and if the cable does not unclog the stoppage or enter the downwards drop within 2' pass my estimated distance,I regroup and go again or start investigating. Some,like to use a drop head auger.(this is of course a K-50 with c-8 cable) How many feet of cable did you have? One last note- if you think the line is unclogged and you're pulling water back with your cables,then it's not.Good luck on your next back/back fixture.Kenneth.
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