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    Had a fun one this week. Huge condo building. Men's bathroom for hot tub area. nasty black gunk around floor drain, shower drain, etc. In-house maintenance pulled toilet and snaked to ~30', wanted me to camera as it is still acting funny and they don't trust it.

    3" cinh. flange 90, san-t, 90, 45, 90 and I'm out of push. Exposed in utility room below, I can see I have 2 more 90's in the three inch, then it goes into a 6" and goes under a slab... nothing else drops in.

    Pull a 90 off and camera to the 6" and holy cow, the 6" is backed up... snake and jet from there.... get to about 40' and I am just done... something wicked hard, grabs snake and wont let go, all my finesse to get the cable back each time I dive into it.... camera fruitless at first as water in line, and this line is NASTY... pulling back chunks of old hardened grease like soap, black black stinky water, truly nasty line.

    I eventually get a picture of the 40' area and I am looking at rocks, boulders.... this is at the foundation wall, about 18' below grade with a hot tub on top of it. A very ugly dig.

    Long story short, it turns out I am in an 8" (the 6" has wyed into it at about 33') that was originally to be the main line for the building, but was abandoned at some point during construction. This one bath was tied into it anyway.

    33' of 6", plus about 20' of 8" was the septic tank, the backfill was the leachfield, and this worked for about 8 years.
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