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general question about jetters

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  • general question about jetters

    i have gained quite a bit of knowledge reading the posts that come in here about jetting but there is something that confounds if you r basically in an urban area where most of your sewer access r in basements and thru house traps....what makes more sense ...a trailable jetter or a smaller gas powered model that would fit in a van or a pickup? im trying to way my options...thx for any and all input

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    Re: general question about jetters

    down here a trailor works great...i havent ran across bout 5 basements in my lifetime here....if you are ONLY doing houses a cart jetter should be o.k....but if you step it up to commercial,restaurants, need a trailor. i think DrainMedic is near may wanna chat with him..he is very knowledgeable in your area on what you need.


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      Re: general question about jetters

      once again it depends on the size of the piping you need cleaned.

      typically a trailer jetter is for 4'' and larger. while a portable is for 1.5''- 6''.
      as you get into more flow/ gpm. you will need a tank water source. beyond 6 gpm. you need typically need a tank to help feed the pump.

      a trailer is sometimes a better option, unless you plan on dedicating a truck just for jetting.

      if it's your first jetter purchase, i would get a portable and concentrate on the residential market.

      then you can step up to the larger jetters and pursue the commercial market.

      a trailer starts at $8500 and can get up to $50,000 real fast.

      a portable starts at $1500- and can get to $6000. for the larger models.

      before you decide, list your projects and we can guide you the proper unit.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: general question about jetters

        well rick basically most of the sewers i run across in residential work are mostly cast iron 4 " minimum and they either run full 4 from the house sewer to the city sewer or they will go to 5" clay sometimes 6" the street ....and thats residential....


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          Re: general question about jetters

          Start with a portable and see how much work you get. If you start to get a lot of commercial stuff get the trailer and keep the smaller unit for the times you need it.

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