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Ridgid cutter chronological timeline

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  • Ridgid cutter chronological timeline

    When did Ridgid stop riveting the cutterheads together and use screws instead? For the guys who can answer that question, which do you think was better; rivets or screws?
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    Re: Ridgid cutter chronological timeline

    i have some older cutters that were riveted and a few that the cutters were welded to the attachment.

    i prefer screws as it's a simple fix to replace the blade.

    i've even cut/ grinded and tapped some old ones to bring them up to new

    so i prefer the new style.

    i would think it's got to be 30+ years ago they changed.

    maybe ridigd can put together a trivia game for the round up so we can test our old school knowledge

    it can be a show and tell session

    phoebe it is