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Does this Jetter Hose Look right?

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  • Does this Jetter Hose Look right?

    I bought a backup 1/4"x 75' sewer jetter hose looks a little different than my other. The ends seem to be longer by about 1/2" which looks like will make it harder to get around bends and traps. It has a slightly higher pressure rating than my 1st one I don't know if thats why the connector is different.

    couple other questions while I have your attention....

    How many jetter heads should I have 3?, 5?, 10?.. more?...please don't say more

    What is the expected lifetime of a jetter head? 5 uses?, 10?, 20?..forever?

    Can I expect to get this 1/4" hose to go through a 2" PVC trap?
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    Re: Does this Jetter Hose Look right?

    Yes that hose is the normal 1/4 jetter hose. 2" line straight shot , for 2" line I use 1/8" and with the special tip I posted the other day with the leader I get thru 90's and some traps in cast iron. In pvc I don't need the leader tip. So matters what kind of pipe also. It's funny lookin at your picture with the Ridgid Forum in the back ground. Tips last pretty long but rust gets in the holes and you have to use a welders tip cleaner or something else to clean the holes out or the tip goes sideways in the pipe, when cleaning you have to be mellow beacuse you don't want to enlarge the holes as that will reduce it's ability to move in the pipe. As for how many tips just the good ones you buy that actually work in your machine and clean the kinds of pipe you most do. I have bought about 16 tips and about 8 work for me the way I want them to.
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      Re: Does this Jetter Hose Look right?

      bill, the outside covering is very important to keep from sticking to the pipe.

      i've had great success with stainless braided hoses.

      there are tons of jetter tips made. you will find a few that work best for you.

      for real pulling don't use a forward jet. get a 20-30 degree nozzle 3 or 4 rear jets.

      for real cleaning without all the pulling a 45 degree angle is best.

      the nozzle i find that works best for tight bends is a spring leader end.

      you'll never get that hose through a 2'' trap.

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        Re: Does this Jetter Hose Look right?

        2" trap and 1/4" jet hose...... only when non pressurised. but why bother. Get 1/8" red Pirahana.

        Jet nozzles, I have many = many spares.
        Only two or three that actually get used.