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1 1/2" galv trap

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    Re: 1 1/2" galv trap

    Well since you already have a PW and if you get 50' to 75' 1/8 jetter hose this head will probably get you thru the galvy line
    And clean it out way better then a bulb head on a small snake.
    It already has flow just not enough if I am reading right.
    If you have an old sink snake with a bad cable sitting around bend the end so that it really cleans the scale off in the line and that may clear up the problem for you cheap. And I would consider cutting the pipe and buying 2 ferncos and a cleanout as stated by Gear Junkie to get better access to the problem because it will just happen again in the near future and if they don't have a lot of money they will call you again 6 months down the road wanting help since they paid you the already reduced price you charge on this time.
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