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jetter question

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  • jetter question

    ok this is a silly question but i wanna know something i see guys in here say that they jet everything now i can understand that its probably faster and does a better job at clearing the stoppage then a cable......but lets say you charge 200 for a main to snake what is the charge for a jetter? do you rationalize this to a customer or you just tell them your gonna jet it and thats it

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    Re: jetter question

    good question, i feel that the more you can offer not only in expertise but in firepower as well, makes and gives you the persona of being the total package to not just start any job but see it thru on your terms,as for the jetter it really sells itself like the cameras we use, and a jetter can combined with a cable machine really deliver some great results on some really hard jobs, hope this helps


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      Re: jetter question

      well thx but does a jetter greatly increase your profits.....i mean upto not too long ago i worked fulltime as a plumber for a company then the guy retired but.....we would do snaking but i never ever jetted.....i guess im asking if i decide to do jetting do u guys find it will greatly increase sales?


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        Re: jetter question

        absolutely, i have taken on everything up to about a 10 inch line, catch basins stormwater lines french drains {carefully} restaurants no grease traps commercial sewers, today we jetted out a terracotta 4 inch backwash line for a pool very marketable tool.


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          Re: jetter question

          i use the jetter on preventive cleaning in sub terrainian garages and also on most outside area drains.

          there is typically a larger investment in a jetter than a cable machine.

          also more wear and tear and maintenance associated with a jetter.

          i own both, but my cable get 85% of the work and my jetters get the 15%.

          jetting is more expensive on an hourly basis.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: jetter question

            The jetter has brought me a lot of work.

            I live at 10000' elevation. We have about 8 months of winter here (it snowed again today), and sewer lines here freeze. I can't cut ice with a cable. No jetter would mean a lot of jobs I'd have to walk away from and couldn't charge for.

            Also, it simply does a better job on many (if not most) lines, particularly if you are dealing with grease. I have followed MANY people with cables on kitchen sinks, and I have very very few call backs. I do a lot of work for restaraunts, and cleaning a grease trap line with a cable is very messy and way way less effective compared with a jetter. Also dramatically better for beer-scummed bar floor drains and ice machine slimed floor drains.

            That said, cables definitely have their place, and I carry 3 cable machines, one with two sizes cable, as well as two jetters on the van.

            For me same price jet or cable. The customer wants their problem gone. I want to decide how to BEST address it and do so how I choose. If I structure pricing such that it favors the cable or the jetter, I will end up choosing equipment for reasons other than doing the best job....saving them some money is good, but not at the expense of doing lesser quality work. I don't want that decision in the customers' hands due to pricing. I charge extra for the camera, but I will often camera a line I have a feeling about just to be certain of it, and I will often not charge for this if I fail to gain any information useful to the customer by doing so.
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              Re: jetter question

              thx for the looking into jetters now andim trying to decide between a cart or a trailer guess we will see