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Jetting Roots -Please Help!

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    Re: Jetting Roots -Please Help!

    Originally posted by aero1 View Post
    rick when you mention starving the jetter does that mean its putting stress on the machine and i should limit or not use it, i like the idea of a larger orfice but would have no idea who could do that, i did speak to stoneage and they put me intouch with the locale rep who took my specs and was setting up the warthog for us we decided to go with the 3/8 version.
    i take it that you are using a trailer jetter. meaning the excess water flow goes back into the tank via the unloader valve.

    you probably will wear the unloader as it's doing extra in bypass. try turning down the rpm as this will decrease the gpm the pump puts out.

    watch your psi and adjust accordingly.

    if you can rig up a pipe and bucket, you can do a real flow test.

    now if you can get a larger root ranger insert, your machine will kick butt at 10gpm. that's 1 gallon every 6 seconds

    do the test and check the math.

    phoebe it is