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Need Cable for K375

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  • Need Cable for K375

    OK, I have tried the supply house and HD and have come up empty. I can't believe that HD carrys replacement cable for the Chinese drain cleaners they sell but don't carry Ridgid parts. Go figure!

    I have tried the Ridgid parts web site but the discription of the cables on it are not very informative. Can one of the online moderators give me the correct PN for a cable 3/8 X 75 ft. to fit this machine?


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    Re: Need Cable for K375

    IW (Integral Wound) Solid Core Cables
    Cat. No. Model No. Description Weight lb. kg 3/8"
    10mm 87577 C-31IW 50' (15m) IW Cable 18 8.2 87582 C-32IW 75' (23m) IWCable 26 11.8 87587 C-33IW 100' (30m) IW Cable 34 15.4 91037 - Repair End for IW Cable 0.5 0.2 1/2"
    12mm 87592 C-44IW 50' (15m) IW Cable 27 12.2 87597 C-45IW 75' (23m) IW Cable 39 17.7 91042 - Repair End for 1/2" IW Cable 0.6 0.3


    try this link, easier to read
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    phoebe it is


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      Re: Need Cable for K375

      Thanks Rick... You da man!