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  • K39-af

    On the box it says it cuts down work time by 15%. I wonder what that is compared to? Compared to a manual hand snake, I would say it cuts work time down by 75% or more!! This snake is awesome!! I was a little hesitate on buying an autofeed hand snake but I don't think I'll ever go back to a manual one.

    Any word on if there is a possibility of having a model with a drop head on it in the future? - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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    Re: K39-af

    Drop head cable is available for your unit.


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      Re: K39-af

      i always remove my cables from the smaller machines/ k-39. this way they stay clean and dry. then i can choose what cable i want for the next job.

      i rarely use a drop head cable. i typically just run a regular bulb head cable. if it goes up, then i will try again. sometimes running in reverse will get the cable to go down.

      on a back to back, i typically will pull the trap and peek in with a flashlight to see where my bend goes.

      i find that the drop head is too easy to destroy the leader.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: K39-af

        The AF is a great snake I bought it because Rick said it was good and I had used my General topsnake for years but no Auto feed man I love this snake.
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          Re: K39-af

          I have been researching them and reading up on old posts.

          In one thread I recall Rick saying for tough jobs he uses the K39c which has the non sliding chuck.

          I am leaning to the K39c. I don't have all the money Rick does to own 7 of them.

          Do you hear a motor wind down when you hit a hair clog or such?
          I am concerned about kinking a AF.
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            Re: K39-af

            With the AF model you can tell when you hit something really solid because your cable will start bowing out like it hit a brick wall, but its not so sudden that you would kink a cable.

            Just my opinion. I have been able to go through a couple of nice sized hair clogs with ease and I just got this machine about a week ago. Maybe its beginner's luck
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              Re: K39-af

              i have the 39 with out the auto feed. so far (2 years) not problems.

              yes, you can tell when you snag a good hair blockage. i try to feed just a little at a time so avoid overlapping or twisting the cable. i even pulled back roots from a bath sink with the 39. now that was like fishing for sharks with a fly rod

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