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    Re: Root Ranger Review


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      Re: Root Ranger Review

      Great pics. I was really impressed at the demo. Im seriously considering buying one
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        Re: Root Ranger Review

        Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
        I may be wrong but I thought the dowel was moved for you to get past it.

        no. the first demo by matt was pre staged ahead of the dowel.

        i purposely pulled mine back to the start of the dowel. then easily passed under it.

        doesn't really matter as i can't picture this being a real life scenario stoppage.

        all they were showing was the cutting power of the rear jet.

        if the rear jet can get to the roots, they will be cut. if the stoppage is a solid board like the k-1500 board buster challenge, then they will need a front cutting jet.

        the nozzle cuts like crazy.

        sanitary sewers should not be an issue as the sweeps are legal.

        it's the cheap outdoor styrene area drains that will not make the tight turns. for this i use my 1/4'' stainless hose and normal nozzle.

        straight runs will work, especially from the curb back to the building. it's the first 90 that will not make it.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Root Ranger Review

          Great Pics Root!


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            Re: Root Ranger Review

            Originally posted by Gene Bickford View Post

            Not much info but these guys sell a front jet conversion. Click "larger image" once on their page. Wonder if this is Ridgid conversion?

            The picture is small I wonder if you have to drill the nose out yourself or if a ready to go nose comes with it?
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              Re: Root Ranger Review

              The new models coming out these days have a front port with either a plug or front jet. The front jet is just a 0 degrees 1/8" insert you could get from Ridgid or from Stoneage. Personally , Ive never used it or felt needed to have one. The loss in real jetting power delivered to the rear the less effective the ceramic turbo jet nozzle is going to be. Once you use it, you`ll never need more than 2 or 3 other nozzles. But I do have a couple of spare turbo nozzles on the truck. Really , I only use 3 nozzles these days, 6R1F & 3R1F penetrator nozzles and the reverse turbo root ranger.
              For cart jetting up to 8gpm they are the best thing since sliced bread.