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    Re: Lucky

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    ben the cable seems straight from the way it lays.

    how bad is it rusty and how about the drum?

    maybe run it with some light weight oil and see what it looks like.

    try marvel mystery oil. it's in auto parts stores.

    I don't want to trust the cable. Maybe I'm paranoid but I need to be able to depend on my equipment. The drum is rusty on the inside but doesn't appear to have any thin spots.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Lucky

      I am with Rick! That cable lloks to be in good shape from here try to spend a few minutes cleaning it ip once you get that surface rust off you will know for certain. is that cable real brittle?


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        Re: Lucky

        Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
        Looking at the spartan website today and was thinking of getting some things, tell me what you think

        -pm motor conversion kit, this will take care of the air switch problem at the same time. Is this the smart motor that spartan talks about?
        -autofeed and parts to make it work
        -3/4 oil tempered duracable. Is this a good cable? I'm trying to fill the niche that my k60 can't fill so I'm looking for something big.
        -the toolbox kit, is it worth to buy the whole thing or is it better just to piece it together?
        -the ez loader, how well does this work? I'd have to get the 1065 in the back of a truck to give a visual of height.

        As I said, there's no rush on this stuff but I want to plan now in case I see something on ebay.
        I used to ride a Spartan 1065. She was a beauty. She was also a tempermental beast. I converted it to a air switch without changing the motor. Get the complete toolbox and easy loader you will need it. Stuff 100' of innercore with leader and anchor in her and she will be 250 lbs easy. She will hold more cable than that but I would keep spare lenths of 25' sections in an old tire. Keep an extra belt handy also if you end up using it on a regular basis

        I named her Sewer Suzy