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Gas powered sectional

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  • Gas powered sectional

    Anyone ever use a gas powered sectional?I just bought a gas powered electric eel model 325 in great shape on Ebay for $25. I was the only bidder.They had no shipping in the auction listing,but I emailed them and they would palletize it for free if I set up shipping.The shipping was not too bad $175,so it cost me $200 for a $5700 (new)
    piece of equipment.I have 2 electric eel model c sectional machines,and about 200' feet of cable and about 25 different cutters and saw blades up to 8",so I thought the model 325 was a good fit to the arsenal! I also just scored a Hotsy model 1260ss hot water pressure washer with a briggs vanguard engine,3500psi 5gpm in real nice shape for $184 ,and when I went to pick it up the guy had a Landa platinum hot water pressure washer with a 16hp vanguard engine,3500psi,5.5gpm(general ts2021),in perfect condition for $200! I could not believe he only wanted $200 but he was pretty well off,and just wanted the room in his shop! I felt weird taking equipment worth atleast $5000 in the condition they were in for $384 but the guy was super nice,and insisted I take them.He buys all new equipment every couple of years,and just bought all new equipment,and the ones I bought were only 3 years old and well maintained.This guy went from no money ,starting out of the back of his wifes suv 7 years ago to running 5 trucks and doing over 1.5 million a year in just 7 years.He was definitely a real world example of nice guys finishing first,which is pretty refreshing in this day and age.

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    Re: Gas powered sectional

    can't beat those numbers.

    make sure you empty the gas from the tank and carb, every time if you don't use them regularly.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Gas powered sectional

      Thanks Rick.I know those numbers seem unreal,but they are they are exactly to the penny.I cleaned the carbs,and emptied the tanks on all of them.The electric eel was sitting in storage for a few years so the carb was a little gummed up,but the hot pressure washers were not at all.I always put Stabil in the tanks of anything that is gas powered if it is going to sit for a while.


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        Re: Gas powered sectional

        That is a tremendous price. The gas eel is a great machine. I used it alot on municipal lines that could not be jetted for tree root removal. You need to buy the heavy duty sections of cable for it though. If you use the regular model C cable and get hooked up, chances are you will snap the cables because its harder to hear the machine torque up.
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          Re: Gas powered sectional

          Thanks Drain Medic. I 'll check into the cables.I think the Gas electric eel is pretty cool,with the car type clutch and transmission it seems like a beast,and it was barely used.I was surprised that it is not that heavy.I just picked up a general speedrooter 91 drum machine off ebay,and that thing weighs a ton!