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Ridgid KJ3000 versus other brands

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  • Ridgid KJ3000 versus other brands

    G´day everybody,

    I have been looking into getting into waterblasting drains. I intend to clean lines up to 125 mm (5"), mainly PVC and clay sewer and storm water pipes with up to say 60 m (180` ?).

    I had the sales rep from Ridgid here for a demo with the KJ3000 and he said, this machine is plumbers ultimate choice.

    However I have spoken to a company in Auckland and they say the specs of the ridgid are just a joke, 3000 PSI @15l/min. They offer me a machine with 22l/min @3000 PSI for 3000 NZ $ less. I know some of you guys have been in the trade for quite a while, and I would like to know if a jetter of the capability of the Ridgid really is suitable for residential drain cleaning. According to the ridgid ads it should be a fantastic machine, but I am not sure if it is really meant to be so appropriate

    Any positive/negative comments welcome.

    Cheers, Dabbi

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    Re: Ridgid KJ3000 versus other brands

    gpm/ lpm is very important. the more the flow, the better and faster it will clean.

    $3000 less is a lot of lamb

    as long as the distributor will stand behind their product, you have nothing to lose and 7 lpm to gain with lots of green? in your pocket

    please post a link or spec. sheet to the other jetter for comparison.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid KJ3000 versus other brands

      Hi Rick,

      thanks for your answer. I have copied the link, I hope it works:

      I was looking at the model Tornado 550.
      The main question I had really is if I can use it at all, having read a lot here in this nice forum you guys in G W Bush-Land using blasters with twice the amount if water.

      Regards from Kiwi-Land.


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        Re: Ridgid KJ3000 versus other brands

        dabbi, now i see the issues.

        the model you listed is a pressure washer. yes it's the basics of a jetter, but it's missing the jetter hoses, nozzles, and pulse/ vibrate features.

        also i don't believe the specs they listed.

        i'm assuming that the 3000# is correct. but the 21.7 lpm is not at 3000# but at open flow with no load.

        21.7lpm is 6? gallons?

        unless they know something we don't know in america, those specs are tainted.

        the ridgid unit we saw operate a couple of weeks ago at the ridgid factory. the 4gpm and 3000# was actual operating numbers.

        i feel you need to clarify the specs on your machine before you purchase as i feel it will be very comparable to the ridgid unit.

        both have identical motors. no way to get 50% more volume out of that set up unless they are fudging the numbers. once you put a load on the engine as you crank up the pressure, you should drop down to 4 gpm.

        let us know.

        phoebe it is