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  • Which one?


    As I stated in my first post I am ordering a K-50 from USA to be delivered

    to me in OZ. After reading the many threads on here I am wondering

    if it is worth paying the extra bucks and going for the K-60 instead?

    To recap, I am a plumber of 20+ years who has no experience with any

    type of drain machines. I am looking to add drain clearing service to my

    business. From what I can gather the K-60 has more 'ommph' than the

    K-50. The majority of my work will be on sink/shower/bath lines and

    4" main lines. (95% PVC)

    I am just wondering how steep is the learning curve would be with

    these machines?

    Thanks guys


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    Re: Which one?

    If I were ever to get set up to clean drains I would start out with a k-60 backed up with a k-39.


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      Re: Which one?

      If you never deal with roots then the k50 will be all you need. Just get the heavier 5/8 cable. It'll probably take 4-10 jobs to get really good with it. You made a good choice by getting the k50 first. You will need to grind a groove or indent at the female end so the cable snap together easier. This feature is standard with the 7/8 cable. I guess something was lost with the 5/8.

      If you do deal with roots then Adam was exactly on the money when he said the k60 and k39. I think you'll have better success with the sectionals as it seems the plumbing down under uses alot of boundary traps. The sectionals will go through them alot easier than a drum cable.
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        Re: Which one?

        congrats on the 50. a great machine. i also have a 39, & 75. when i get a 60 i'll probably set it for 7/8s and not change it as i like the footprint and workability of the 50. use the 60 for the PITA places i can't/won't take the 75.

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          Re: Which one?

          the 60 will do the stuff the 50 can do and more. it will run the identical k-50 5/8'' cable.
          the 60 will do the 7/8'' cable. this wil give you roots and 6''pipe with the upgraded innercore cable.

          the only thing the 60 can't do is run a drum adapter for 5/16'' and 3/8'' cable. truthfully i never use my k50 drum adapters. i use my k-39pf instead

          if it's not too late, i would swap the k-50 for a k-60. you'll be happy with the broader range of pipe and cleaning you'll be able to do.

          the k-60 is the last machine i would want to part with
          the k-40 would be the first

          keep us posted.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Which one?

            Aww HELL just get a Spartan 100(75' of 13/32" no-core) and a Spartan 300(75' of 5/8" no-core).......for b/sinks and b/tubs get an Erickson top snake(20' of 1/4" cable)....these three will handle everything!!!!....later on you should be able to purchase a Ridgid Seesnake and locator$$$$$$$$$.


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              Re: Which one?

              Originally posted by drtyhands View Post
              If I were ever to get set up to clean drains I would start out with a k-60 backed up with a k-39.
              I second that, those tools are what I primarily use.
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                Re: Which one?

                Have decided to stick with the K-50.

                Because of customs duty and postage weight restrictions it was a no go

                with the k-60.

                I think the K-50 will be good enough for me to start with. As a plumber

                I mainly get calls for shower/bath and kitchen blocks . If I get into bigger

                stuff I'll treat myself to the K-60...

                Thanks for all your advice, I'll let you know how I go when it turns up.

                I'll keep reading the forum.



                Rick, If you don't use your K-50 drums I don't suppose you fancy selling

                them to a UK plumber stuck out in the ozzie outback!!?