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Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

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  • Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

    So, I was finaly sucessful jetting roots with with my relatively low flow jetter.

    5-6 gpm (I think the pump is 5.5, I'd have to look it up) at 4200 psi at the pump, though I don't think I needed to run that high. About 300' of 1/4" hose, 3/8" warthog. Rear jets were 035's, front had an 018 in it that was partially to fully blocked with a piece of grit. I had intended to block this off on purpose with a blank orifice, but the body was so worn I couldn't get the front nozle out to blank it off... it had decided to block itself anyway.

    This should take you to a pre jet vid.

    This should be after an initial pass... lost audio on this one, it starts at the house looking upstream, pulling back, then turn around at the cleanout and out toward street. Some roots are left.

    I will edit this and post a final once I get it uploaded.

    I was excited by this as it is the first time I have been able to jet roots with my equipment, and thought others might like to see. These are the masses of small hairlike roots that I typically see here in clay lines, not the large single taproots.
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    Re: Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

    Awsome video. What about the roots left back at 11.22 and 15.5 ft? The one at 15.5 looked especially bad. The stonage guys say they have a warthog designed for 5gpm and that a 3/8 should be used. The 1/4" has to much friction loss. Thanks again and I can't wait to see what you got next.
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      Re: Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

      Great video Alex, but I got a little sea sick during the first vid.

      Too bad you lost audio Was that your fault or the cameras?

      I noticed you are still using the color camera on the Vivax. Are you sticking with that or going back to B&W with the thicker push rod?

      We have a lot of clay sewers here as well. I'll show this to some of my customers so they can see the real benefit of jetting. Maybe I'll edit out the roots still in the line at 15'

      Thanks for posting this


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        Re: Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

        Great videos! I love it when you guys post videos of anything having to do with plumbing or drain cleaning.

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          Re: Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

          I have to ask why do you still use the 1/4" hose? Are you getting around bends that you can't do with 3/8 or 1/2" My flow with the wathog with 1/4" messed me up I had to go over and over the roots many times then I went bigger hose and the warthog clobbered them.
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            Re: Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

            Don't know why the audio cut out... I was using the external mic and think it might have come a little bit unplugged and I didn't notice.

            Was using that cam/pushrod as that was the loaner I had at the time while they fixed the 200'er to read distance correctly.

            This was never intended to be a final vid; I had expected to have to snake this line but was experimenting with jet size on the warthog, made one pass and camera'd to see what I'd done and was so happily surprised I recorded it. I blew out the high pressure seal in the nozzle half-way thru that pass so that is why the roots got left in the lower section of the line. Replaced seal and rejetted and they are nearly all gone, certainly to the point rootx will control them.

            Now for the bad news. Got my 200' reel back from vivax this week and went to re-record a final yesterday. Wanted to show the whole line to the main as there is a pvc repair at about 125' that has a fernco starting to let go. Need to document this for customer as the repair is clearly from a lampost installation at sidewalk and the town should pay to fix it. Had great difficulty jumping a lip in the clay at about 80' due to the weak pushrod. Had previously done this with the ridgid mini with no problem at all. Kinked the pushrod trying to shove it past, then the picture got funny and when I pulled it out I had moisture inside the camera lens. Literally the first time I put this camera in a line other than a brief test in a loose piece of pipe at the shop. If I can't push over a simple lip in clay at 80' in a straight shot, this thing is pointless. Vivax will not do the bigger rod on the small reel, and to go to the bigger reel is oddly WAY more $, to the point there is no cost savings over ridgid or pearpoint (the other one I was considering), and I know what I can do with ridgid.

            My reasons for trying something other than ridgid were twofold; wanted digital recording, and was having frustrating reliabilty probs with toolcase monitors. Got the toolcases back supposedly repaired again, have yet to test them out. If they are fixed for real this time I may just go with an external digital recording setup and stay ridgid. The vivax has some issues, but it is mine now so I will just have to find a way to make it work for me, which may be spending the $ to go up to the larger reel as (you may quote me) their 10 mil pushrod is limited to the point of near uselessness.

            As to the 1/4" hose, I've never felt a need to go to 3/8"... I've never been able to jet roots at 5gpm before though either... still don't think that was the hose as I can now do it. I like the 1/4" hose.... I can get way more on a small reel, it is cheaper and higher press rated, and I suspect I do a lot of tight and multi-bend lines with it I couldn't with the 3/8". I do a lot of lines in condo buildings with many bends wandering all over the park garage ceiling, relatively few straight shots for houses.
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              Re: Low flow (5gpm) root jetting; with links to vids

              I use an external digital recording setup on my seasnake.
              I use the Memorex MVDR 2102