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More 4 bladed cutter options needed

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  • More 4 bladed cutter options needed

    The 7/8 has 2 options for the 4 bladed cutter:
    -t-112 1 3/4"
    -t-113 3"

    The t-112 is my first cutter in most situation and would like a blade to clean 3" pipe. I even made the job easy for the ridgid folks. Get the blade from the t-24 2 1/2" cutter and put a 7/8 adapter on it. I'd be happy to test this out blade out for you.

    One more thing; it seems all the blades are the same, it's the holder that's different. Why not just sell the blades so we can mount them to whatever hold we need?
    Buy cheap, buy twice.