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was there a better way to do this

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    Re: was there a better way to do this

    A great many years ago when I was a Roto R sewer rat I had a call to a strip club(Deja Vu) w/a 3rd floor m/l back up and stack c/o was in the basement.So I rallied up several bouncers,wet vacs and made a catch *pool* around the c/o in the basement with some empty boxes and plastic.BLasted the cap and in one blow it came loose enough to
    blast one of the poor bouncers right in the chops.1 man down.*Bleaaaaaaaahhhh*
    4 wet vacs handled the the 3 stories head pressure/sewage/tampons really good!
    Right inside was a 2x4! I imagine some knucklehead on the roof did this.