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3/8 cable and heads

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  • 3/8 cable and heads

    I'm somewhat new to drain cleaning so I thought I'd ask some of the seasoned professionals on this forum for their opinions. First, what kind of machine and cable is best for small lines in the house (1 1/2, 2"). I'm currently using a Gorlitz(sp?) with about 90ft. of 3/8 cable and a smaller Gorlitz with about 25 ft. of 1/4" cable for lavs and tubs. I had a drop head for the 3/8 cable but it got stuck in a cesspool, long story.....Any advice for an inexperienced drain cleaner would be helpful.

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    Re: 3/8 cable and heads

    Best advice you can get is to read every thread and post in this section. After that come back for any unanswered questions and you'll get an answer(s).
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: 3/8 cable and heads

      on 1 1/2" and 2" lines I use this machine. I have a few top snakes but I use this one more then any other little machine I own. I even parked my 380 in the shop and havent missed it yet

      I junked the cable that come with it and installed 50` of some good 5/16 I/C cable. I use it 2 to 3 times a day with no problems.
      As a matter of fact I have a sink drain to clear with it right now


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        Re: 3/8 cable and heads


        You're on the right track as far as cable size for those lines. I personally prefer the 5/16" for tubs, showers and lavs. If there's a close-bend iron trap, I'll use the 1/4" to get it clean then run through the roof vent with the 3/8" if possible. With that said, it's all in the technique that gets lines clean and callback free, not necessarily brand name.

        I don't recommend Gorlitz drop heads. I personally don't like em nor use em. Had a couple shear off after only minimal use.

        I use only a single knife on the 3/8" most of the time. A full blade grabs onto every nook and cranny in a iron line. Alot harder to stab tees and get through and around figure fittings.
        PM me if you need any help.
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