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  • K-750

    ALLCLEAR,you have me thinking of either repairing or replacing the cables in one of my k-750s.They have been taking up space in my garage for 7 or 8 years.Where do you buy your splice kits at? What cost?----------If Plumber Rick is the spokemans for the K-60, ToUtahNow for the k-50, then by default you are the spokeman for the K-7500.Seems like you know your Drums. But have you ever tried the K-60 ? If so,how did you like it? Time to go my grandchildren are taking me to the Y to swim.
    Kenneth Collier
    Maintenance and Sewer

    P.O. Box 9441
    Jackson, MS 39206
    (601) 613-2678 (Cell)

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    Re: K-750

    I buy my ends at Ferguson's when they can get em. I always order a bunch so I have em on hand. They are kinda pricey for what they are but I gotta have em anyway. I have cut em off and reused em
    BTW.... the K-7500 will feed 125` of cable out and back in the drum in 14.0 minute`s.

    OK now for the 60
    No I haven't tried one as the Ridgid rep here doesn't care if he sales one or not. I have used many Sectional machines and Drum machine are my machine of choice.
    I would by a 60 as I have a tool fetish and I think the 60 may have it`s place but most likely is would set with my 380 at the shop. Rick uses the roof job`s to push the 60. I can tell ya that he wouldn't do a roof job here in Kansas during the summers as the roofs are just way to hot to work on. During the winter we have to much snow to get on a roof. So the roof job thing just doesn't work for me as I`ll just pipe my K-7500 to the vent and stay on the ground..

    For me, it`s the ease of uses, no mess and the time factor thet keeps me a drum machine user. I mean come on "IF" I can run 125` of cable out and back in just under 14 minute`s there is no reason to spend the time hooking cables together for a sectional machine. Time is money and my back couldnt take draging around a machine and a basket of cables all day long.