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    Re: How much time do you spend

    Dude.....why are you even concerned about this??

    You noted you haven't done much with the guy in the last 6 months, so why even bother?

    You went up on the roof, incurred your rate charge, the guy paid, so cash the check and move on.

    Anybody who'd call back about fifty beans isn't worth worrying about.

    Crap jobs just lead to more crap jobs.

    Make this crap job your last for the landlord and the plumber.

    Stand your ground man!! You'll feel better for it. There's too much easy work out there without having to deal with the nickel and dimers.

    Let your buddy the plumber deal with them. Or maybe he'd sing a different tune it it was HIS money and time.

    Then again, I don't think he's your buddy at all.
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      Re: How much time do you spend

      Originally posted by Twicepipes View Post

      I can tell from your other posts, you don't take no
      But to be successful in business now days
      you must learn to roll in it every now and then =$$$$$


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        Re: How much time do you spend

        Flat out fact if I am following this right, I cleared it from the roof pay be for the clear. But yes tenants can't authorize jobs and or payments.
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          Re: How much time do you spend

          If the place is on a slab or crawl space I look for a while (15to 20 minutes) trying to find a clean out. I also charge all commercial properties extra for clean out hunting, I won't charge if the maintenance guy or owner brings me right to the proper cleanout.