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    Re: pink drano

    Originally posted by Mrs Seat Down
    Do I get credit for that?
    Credit, sure. But not camping credit. I do that all the time with my BBQ grill on the back porch. The S'mores are a good touch, though.

    I once went motorcycle camping. I packed light. I went to a campground where I'd camped with my grandfather and cousin when I was little.

    My "tent" consisted of a light tarp and blankets strung over a rope between two trees. Since it was Michigan, I put some firewood inside to keep it dry.

    In the middle of the night, I woke up and there were a couple of eyes looking at me. It was a skunk.

    I grabbed some firewood and started tossing. Every time it reared up, I hit it with another piece of firewood. I went to the Beemer and turned on the headlight - the little buggers were everywhere, helping themselves to coolers and anything left out. I didn't sleep any more that night. And I vowed no more campgrounds.


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      Re: pink drano

      I still think I did pretty good for my first "camping" trip
      I love my plumber

      "My Hero"

      Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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        Re: pink drano

        what happened to my pink drano discussion

        camping for joey will not be for another year

        phoebe it is