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  • U bend

    Done a job today (almost) on a curry shop, cleared one drain straightaway, but the other, i could only get to drain off slowly.

    It's the kitchen drain where all the veg, rice, greasy washing gets done.

    I'll try to explain simply, please remember, i'm in britain so i may use a different terminology. About 4 pipes lead to a grid which was/is blocked, i rodded the best i could to get a slow discharge. There is no c/o, don't forget this is a u bend, just like a toilet, so i only have about 12 inches with that i can rod. (basically, up n down.)

    The grid is immediately against a wall, i could not get my jetter round the bend, the grid is damaged and needs to be changed, would i be wasting his/my time trying to use my k-50 as the drain will be 4" in diameter ?( i only have a 5/8 cable at the mo)

    would it be better to change the grid, then i could jet, then install a c/o at the same time. ? thanks, as always, your input is really appreciated.

    (new buisness)

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    Re: U bend

    if u mean a trap in the floor is holding u up and there is no cleanout, then yes one should be added--when u open the floor, and cut the cleanout in, you can then jet and snake
    a k50 will clean 4" if you have the right heads and are using the 5/8 cable--i must say that u would have easily accomplished this task if u had a drum machine, like the k6200 or k7500, as they are the finest machines on the market. most plumbers that like to make lots of money and stay clean use them---but yes, the k50 will work
    pictures would also help, as im not quite sure of the description. also , if i cant find a clenout, i always look 1 more time under everything.


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      Re: U bend

      If the pipe is broken it needs to be replaced or you can only do a banaid fix by snaking it, if they don't want a guarantee and don't want to spend money then push a snake thru there get it draining and call it a day. It's not your drain problem it is there's and snaking doesn't fix flaws in drains.
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        Re: U bend

        Buy cheap, buy twice.


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          Re: U bend

          the grid..?