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    Re: Hey Rick

    Originally posted by All Clear Sewer View Post
    attacks on Rick????? oh my...... Learn to enjoy the day
    Rick likes it because it keeps his pictures of himself up and running.
    Every picture he posts has his face in it
    I was being nice and just saying hi in this topic but "no" Rick wouldnt have it that way
    Ive got no problem with Rick, he`s just fun to pick on
    And these pictures are funny as hell anyway, even if I put your face in it
    The truth of the matter is Rick is the kind of guy that this doesn't bother but I can guarantee it bothers his wife and that's not cool. If you are using the photo shopped photos for their comedic value and it does not matter whose face you use you may want to start using your own face.

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      Re: Hey Rick

      Page 4! 36 to go! No chance for any click!> Click image for larger version

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      Sarah Palin is Click image for larger version

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        Re: Hey Rick

        why cant ya allll get along now?