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Cutters of choice and Why?

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  • Cutters of choice and Why?

    What are peoples cutters of choice in different situations on their drum machines and why.


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    Re: Cutters of choice and Why?

    For my sectional machine, I like:
    -straight auger
    -spiral blade
    -and the best cutter bar none is the 4 bladed cutter.
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      Re: Cutters of choice and Why?

      What he said.^^^^
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        Re: Cutters of choice and Why?

        I like a arrow head for first pass to get the water flowing.Then go with progressively bigger heads I like the C shaped cutters over the round saw as they don't get stuck as easy. The for blade cuter is good for hard deposits but for grease and soap clogs the four blade arrow seems to hold back the chunks and you can pass the clog without the water going down till you bring it out. The chunks and mush will pass a shingle arrow blade. I like a straight spring end if nothing else will go through


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          Re: Cutters of choice and Why?

          Double 4" Double 6" and favorite for roots 4" 6" offsets. Anything wiggly grease-wise
          and a paddle blade set from MYTANA for sloppy low spots plugged with t.p.(Lines from female rest rooms in office blgs are good for this)
          Pigtail and spring type retrievers for dragging *whatever* out of lines.


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            Re: Cutters of choice and Why?

            Always run a spear down on the first pass to see what I'm dealing with.

            If I know the job well then I'll run a 1/2 blade root cutter with 3.5" swath in a 4" drain. The bends and turns in the cable, the piping itself will cause the blade to thoroughly clean the pipe.

            I try not to use real agressive blades in the drain because if I was there the first time, I want to be there the second, and the third, just like what brought me there the first time.

            I'm always doing a full flush on these drains as I'm clearing the drain so I rarely pull back massive piles of anything.

            I must do too good of a job because it takes a while for them to call me back, years. That sucks!
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              Re: Cutters of choice and Why?

              I never like to go in aggressive. I like a broken piece of cable that is bent up. This way it is still spun the same way as your sectional C-11 cable and if you go out of the pipe you can simply go the other way so you will not get stuck.

              The cable is designed to screw itself in, in reverse and come out in forward, most heads are for forward cutting.

              If I know a property then I will be aggressive with it and use a 4 way cutter, but my first piece of cable will always have some bends in it so it will hit all sides of the pipe.