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rates for sewer and drain work?

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    Re: rates for sewer and drain work?

    you can say he charged to much. maybe he did and then again maybe he didn't. did you ask him upfront a rough estimate? first off like everyone said equipment is expensive to buy and maintain, the cost of labor, and all other operating costs. not only that people dont understand if it wasnt for good plumbers we would all live in unhealthy unsanitary conditions. I


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      Re: rates for sewer and drain work?

      I found it funny some of the comments on charges being too high,,,,,,,and i would be if they did the job for any length of times they would be wanting to charge more if they had their hands in some one elses ,,,,,,,,DO DO ,,,,LOL ,,,,,,,Opinions on some one charging too much is a joke and makes me laugh,,,,,,,they seem to not realizes that Plumbers deal with so many chances of desease and sickness that can stay with them the rest of their lives ,,,,,,,I was almost token out by one ,,,,,which i cant spell,,,,,,so a opinion on us charging 200 a drain from a person whos not a plumber ,,,,is like my dog barking ,,,,,,,,i hear him but that all it is ,,,,,,,,,barking .
      Of course if you are handed with tools ,,,,,,you can fix it yourself,,,,but dont expect us to play with your grap and piss for pennys.
      180 to 270 for mains,,,,,,,,90 t0 135 for smaller drains ..........and Rotor rooter is more expensive then me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      Yes you got the 59.99 guys out their who try and steal all the work using cheap rates,,,,,, but they hire grap people and they usually cant keep up and its a trick in most cases to get in the house and you found out hidden charges.

      Why should some one grumble if they know the price and agree too it.
      One day when your rental from home depot dont clear it ,,,,,,,some one may have to call Plumber and then you be thankful he just fix it.
      Plumber jobs are to provide for the public safety health and welfare ,,,,,due to sanitation ........
      Go back in time where desease and grap ran in the streets ,,,,,,,,,it was nasty in the old days.

      Anyway i ranted enough,