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Plumbing by sewer guy`s

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  • Plumbing by sewer guy`s

    Boy, I do nice work for a sewer guy

    And my new toy

    Water service for a guy that was worried about his yard.

    During the dig
    We pull our water pipe with the excavator like doing trenchless sewer`s.

    After we are done and picked-up
    You cant hardly tell we were even there
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    Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

    Where are the closups Mr.Demille.
    You must have teenagers.That'd be the only way I could keep a beautiful rig like that shiny.
    How do you like your excavator?


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      Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

      I just bought the big one last week and LOVE it!!!
      The little one is great for tight spots but it just doesn't have any power. The little one is a 323 and the big one is a 329. Night and day between the two.

      I try to keep my trucks clean but some times it`s a job all in it`s own...rotflmao
      In that picture it`s kinda dirty My kids are to lazy to help out, all they say is "when are we going racing and is my car ready".... Kids....errrrrrr
      Just gotta love em anyway


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        Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

        Those look like Dodge Hood scoops on that chevy. Pex or Copper on the water line?
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          Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

          The hood is a Lund hood

          We installed 1" PVC on that job. It was Copper from the 70`s.


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            Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

            I've always had to put warning tape down over buried utilities, do you guys have to do the same?
            Buy cheap, buy twice.


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              Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

              no but some times we have to use a tracer wire on Gas lines.


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                Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

                Nice finish work.

                A guy around here talks all kinds of people into dig ups and leaves a mess behind. I've always wondered what his underground work that no one can see was like, if he's willing to leave such a mess behind for every one to see. Well I finally got to camera some of his "pipe Laying" and it looks like a friggin' roller coaster!
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                  Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

                  Is that main drain going towards an alley instead of the street?
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                    Re: Plumbing by sewer guy`s

                    yes, most of ours go to the alley`s but we do have a few that go towards the streets